We’re back for 2018!

Firstly we have to thank you all for being so patient, it has been a bit of a wild journey.

From the closure of our home venue cable, to personal problems with key members of the team.

We actually can’t thank you enough, hopefully this year and all the years to come will make up for it!


We have done everything physically and mentally possible to get it all back up and running, for you guys. 

We can at last say…THAT DAY IS HERE!

You have waited and waited and now 2018 will see new releases, new merchandise, new projects and most importantly new events! We can’t wait to get started and hope you are all ready for DAON 2.0

This year we are making another step in our evolution on this musical adventure.

You have been screaming for us to bring back our events, we are pleased to announce that it will be happening again in 2018. Times, dates, artists and venues will all be released soon. These will most likely be held in London and the surrounding counties, but we are always willing to look at any venue or join forces with other promoters.

We are also pleased to announce that our famous remix competitions are making a comeback. We have brand new releases coming to our label in 2018 and you can be a part of them. 

Enter one of our remix comps and grab all the spoils that come with it. The winner(s) will have the track they create included on the official release, they will also be claiming some cool merchandise and other special prizes.

Keep your eyes on our site and social media for all updates.

Thank you again..

The DAON Team.

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